song of the  year? 

it's been a while without an update, but very excited to share: "Purple Land" by Amen Dunes.

I discovered Amen Dunes in 2018 after the release of Freedom, which has since become one of my GOAT albums. I was able to see him perform at Outside Lands that year, standing behind some dudes dancing with corn cobs—chill vibe to start the day with. I later saw him again at the Teragram Ballroom, with SPELLLING opening in a spacy chrome jumpsuit. Safe to say I'm a big fan and I've been dying for him to release another album.

That album is almost here (arriving in May :( ) and has been announced with the first single, "Purple Land." I was trying not to overhype this album, but if "Purple Land" is a fair representation of it, this album is gonna be lit.

"Purple Land" is a bit of a slow burn, easing you in with a simple synthy rhythm and a seemingly quaint chorus. But what I've come to love about Amen Dunes is how he can take a very chill yet surprisingly dancey rhythm and spin it into a song with a much more complex melody—and the same is true of "Purple Land." Avoiding the obvious, the chorus almost immediately avoids repeating and suddenly changes tone, building tension. As the song carries on, the production picks up more atmosphere and begins to include odd little samples. Eventually it finally blasts off, and that release is so so sweet.

enjoy "Purple Land" below. if you have any thoughts, or are just a fellow Amen Dunes fan, pls let me know!

( ok, take me home. )