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Welcome to my homepage!

Hey, websurfer!

My mission here is to make a homepage I can share and enjoy. Making this page started as an exercise in html, but is rapidly growing into a bigger design project (even if it doesn't look like much yet). I love things that are a little too much, ugly even, yet somehow, by the grace of God, manage to look kinda good? Kinda... nice?

I was a little late to "Web 1.0," so I don't really consider this a work of nostalgia. In fact, I'm not really sure I buy into the old web idealism. I'm a big Web2 kid who is growing to hate social more and more, and I'm a little disgusted by the Web3 hustle vibe, so maybe. This is at least more fun.

This page is also not in any way ironic. OK, maybe a little... I think irony is a good entry into something else, a way for alternative styles to get a foot in the door. Gateway aesthetics. But I don't believe in total irony. I believe in radical sincerity, in putting your subjectivity on display, in throwing all your shit out there. That's hard to do in real life, easier to do online.

Maybe in a way this is a work of camp. It's about setting aside clean, mainstream, high-res, minimalist design and embracing messy, lo-fi, too-muchness. This page is taking me a long time, because every moment is a fight against my basic instincts as a designer to make it neat and nice and organized. I'm trying to let things go, make room for happy little accidents, and have fun.

Hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.

yours, itsonlyjoey

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