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     888       888   888  888ooo888       888    `88b 888ooo888  .oP"888    888    888  888ooo888 `"Y88b.  
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    o888o     o888o o888o `Y8bod8P'      o888bood8P'  `Y8bod8P' `Y888""8o   "888" o888o `Y8bod8P' 8""888P' 
beatles1.gif bluemeanies.gif beatles1.gif

Left to right: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and George Harrison.

Welcome to my Beatles shrine!

Hopefully, you've already heard of them. They're not exactly the most underground band in the world. Still, I hope this page teaches you something about each of them, and their music, and all of that. You may not ever love them as much as I do, but I can certainly try to pull you on up behind me.


What attracts most people to The Beatles is their music. But the Beatles themselves are why people stay. Like most boy bands across history, each member was marketed as one of four distinct personalities—a Beatle for everyone. But what's remarkable about The Beatles is that their personalities were kind of real. Long after they lost Brian Epstein, their manager—the guy who put them in the suits—and long after they had receded from the spotlight, abandoning all touring and live performances, their personalities continued to shine through. This was true of their appearances in the press and outside of The Beatles, but even more so it was true of their music.